How does my club benefit?

  • CourseTracker will play a crucial role when delivering budget proposals, helping greenkeepers to communicate in the clear and professional manner which modern business practices demand.

    Amanda DorensGreenkeeper and Environment OfficerScotland
  • CourseTracker has given me the perfect opportunity to gauge where our business is in relation to others and it is a must have tool to take to meetings.

    Neil BallingallCourse ManagerScotland
  • CourseTracker is structured so that data can be entered quickly and simply. Information is then reported in a clear and concise, but also extensive, manner.

    Graeme DuncanGeneral ManagerScotland
  • CourseTracker will help us to use the resources we have to their full potential, while simultaneously helping to identify strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the tool will allow us to manage more effectively.

    Paul MurphyGolf Courses ManagerScotland

Once you sign up you receive a full range of reports which can be benchmarked against other similar courses in your country.

CourseTracker is recommended as an aid to course management by golf organisations around the world